Cutting Surface and Technique 

The cutting surface you use makes a big difference in keeping your knives sharp. A good cutting board will help retain a sharp edge for substantially longer. Soft woods or plastics are preferred. Tile, marble, granite, or any kind of glass cutting boards are not recommended and can be very hard on your knives edge.

Having the right knife for the job is also very important. You wouldn't use a sledgehammer to hang a picture, would you? You also shouldn't use the wrong knife for the wrong job. Making sure you're using your knife for its intended purpose will reduce your risk of chipping the edge or damaging the blade.

Cleaning and Storage

As with any lifetime investment, it’s important to take the best care possible in order to prolong the life of your knife. We always recommend hand washing your knife as it is safer than the dishwasher. With that being said, KnifePro knives are meant to meet the demands of the professional kitchen so they are dishwasher safe. Whether you wash your knife by hand or in the dishwasher its very important to rinse and towel dry immediately after and let the knives air dry for a few minutes before returning them to storage. 

Micro-corrosion, which can result in tiny chips in your knife’s cutting edge, can occur because moisture is left on the cutting edge. Moisture weakens the stainless steel and promotes micro-corrosion. If moisture is left on the cutting edge repeatedly, even normal use in the kitchen can result in small chips in the weakened sections of the edge. To prevent this, wash your knife right after use as explained above.

Honing & Sharpening

In order to maximize the life of your blade, regular honing on steel will significantly extend the time in between sharping. Even with the honing steel, KnifePro just like every other knife, will need to be sharpened eventually. We don't recommend any handheld or pull through sharpeners as they take away metal only from the edge and not the whole bevel. After a few uses your knife will become too thick and you'll be unable to get an edge back. The best way to sharpen your KnifePro knives is to bring them to a professional or send them back to us using our sister company KnifeSpa. A professional technician with decades of experience will handle your knife and properly sharpen it at the right angle to achieve the perfect edge.

If you have any further questions on sharpening or caring for you knife send us a message here