7" Cleaver

  • 7" Cleaver

7" Cleaver


 Butchers Best Friend

Strong and durable our cleaver is always up for the job!


Japanese Steel: Made from one piece of High Carbon, Japanese steel, our knives are perfectly balanced to offer you the ultimate cutting experience

Hand Sharpened: A professional sharpens your knife by hand, in our warehouse upon order which means your knife will be sharp the moment it arrives 

High Carbon %: A high carbon percentage means your knife is wear resistant and will stay sharper, longer

Dishwasher Safe: Our knives are made to meet the demands of the commercial kitchen so you'll have no issues running these through a dishwasher

Clear Sheath: Many of our customers use their knives at home and at work. That’s why we include a clear sheath with every knife for safe travel and storage 

Color Options: We offer a variety of color options for your personal preference or to help follow health guidelines

Why KnifePro?

KnifePro was started over 20 years ago out of frustration due to the fact that every quality knife had a high price tag. We wanted to create a knife that chefs could use and rely on everyday to get the job done without the ridiculous price. So when we set out to make KnifePro knives we had one goal in mind, create a sharp, durable, “no fluff” knife. Our knives are to the point and do what you need them to do, no fancy design, flashy handle, or unnecessary packaging. This is how we bring you such a great knife at a great price.